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This is not the June Newsletter

Updated: Jun 19

Or at least it's a very short version of the monthly newsletter you've come to expect. Your editor is having a month off. So this is just a bunch of reminders of what's happening this month and into early July. And to wish you well - you must be harvesting something by now - or be very close. And you'll be marvelling (I think that's the right word) at how fast the dandelions, speedwell, bindweed, couch grass and dandelions are growing. And how many pigeons, magpies, slugs and squirrels you're feeding. Try to be philosophical, it's good for the blood pressure.....

Dates for Your Diary 1 - the RHS Visit 22nd June

 On the evening of Saturday 22nd June, the Royal Horticultural Society are coming to Moor Green to hold a Question and Answer session in the Clubhouse. So if you would like to meet face-to-face some of the leading lights in horticulture, this is your opportunity to quiz them about your plans, achievements and failures!

The RHS Fruit, Veg & Herb Committee group visiting us (David Allison, Jim Arbury, Vicki Cooke, Nick Dunn, Gerry Edwards and Barry Newman) all have different areas of expertise and experience. For a start, three have allotments themselves. All of them have expertise in growing fruit, vegetables and herbs. Three are specialists in growing and advising on fruit, two are vegetable specialists who have also chaired the National Vegetable Society. Two particularly advise on organic methods, two are exhibition gardeners, two are exhibition judges — one also being a Britain in Bloom judge - one is an apple expert and another is a beekeeper!

The panel session will be on from 5.30 - 7.00 pm in the Clubhouse. The Bar will be open until 8.00 - being an audience member is thirsty work. Tea and coffee will also be available before the event.

We hope this is going to be a great evening. People from other sites will also be coming and seats may be at a premium. Just click on the link below then click on the Buy Ticket button to book your place.

Don't worry - it's free; it just helps us to get an idea of how many people are coming.

Dates for Your Diary 2 - Annual General Meeting Saturday 6th July at 10.30 a.m

This is the one occasion where you can find out directly

  • what's happening with allotments across the City - including any news about big issues , like rents and other charges

  • what the Committee has been up to on your behalf

  • what's planned for next year.

And of course you get to elect the Committee for next year. We are very keen to get new committee members - especially from the younger end of the community. At our last committee we agreed that the next AGM take place on Saturday 6th July at 10.30 a.m.  Next year and thereafter (for those of you that like to plan ahead) AGMs will be scheduled to take place in late April/early May to coincide with end of the financial year. This is much more normal and resumes the practice of this Association pre-Covid.  The 2025 meeting would therefore be on 3rd May 2025.

Nominations for the Association Committee are now open and will be closed on 22nd June*, 14 days before the AGM takes place to enable an election if necessary. A list for you to add nominations to will be placed in a prominent place in the Clubhouse. All nominees must be proposed, seconded and approved at the AGM.

*Given that most people are around at the weekend, we will leave the list available in the Clubhouse until Sunday 23rd June. Dont miss it!

Dates for your Diary 3 - Summer Fair 20th July

Don't miss this lovely annual event. Sun guaranteed - honest! Something for all the family in our little bit of country paradise in the heart of the second city. Starts at midday on the 20th and runs until 7.00 (stalls close at at around 5.00) There will be all the usual attractions including:

  • Craft stalls,

  • Bar offering dazzling variety of cool drinks including a range of Glasshouse craft beers and the new Staropramen

  • Pizza – The pizza boys will be there; I swear they’re getting bigger. The pizzas, not the boys 

  • BBQ – sausages, burgers, witty banter, disposable cutlery

  • Tea and cake - massive selection and all home made 

  • Live Music – still working on this,but it’s definitely in the plan.

Tables are still available if you want to hire a stall. It's £18 for a place for the day - £15 if you're a plotholder or social member.

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