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About Us

There have been allotment gardens on the Moor Green site since at least the interwar period. During the war many families would have been sustained by the produce grown on at Moor Green in the “Dig for victory” campaign.

Moor Green Matters

Allotment gardening provides all the physical and emotional satisfaction of gardening and something more. By joining with others who are also growing for themselves, family or friends we benefit from being part of something larger, a community working together towards a common purpose in a spirit of self-reliant independence.

Whilst growing fruit and vegetables is central to what we do, we recognise how fortunate we are to be able to pursue our interest in such beautiful surroundings with panoramic views over the city centre and are keenly aware of our duty to act as responsible custodians of this common good.

Inner City Bliss

Lying two miles south of the centre of Birmingham the 30 acre site is one of our most significant inner city open spaces providing a unique mix of habitats from mown grass and vegetable plots to streams and stands of mature trees.


The site is part of a wildlife corridor following the course of the river Rea, linking the Edwardian civic formalism of Cannon Hill Park to the open heath-land of the Waseley Hills in an unbroken ten mile swath of green that cuts through south Birmingham’s urban and industrial sprawl.

The allotments occupy land that was once part of the Moor Green estate and remnants of the farm’s field boundary hedges remain on site contributing to the biodiversity value of the land.

The History of Moor Green Allotments

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