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September 2021 Newsletter

The season is changing, the compost heaps are getting higher and more plotholders are looking at the emerging spaces where crops used to be. We’ve a packed Newsletter this month headed up by the two most important events of the year, the Produce Show and Rent Collection!

Rent Collection

This year the annual process of relieving you of your money so that you continue to enjoy your plot takes place on the weekends of 9th/10th October and 16th/17th October. We will be collecting rents in the Clubhouse from 12.00 midday to 3 pm on both days of both weekends so you can cheer yourself up at the bar after paying if you so wish. Please pay by debit card or cheque if you can – we don’t like holding or transporting large amounts of cash. And these new figures don’t help – please also try to bring the right change if you're a cash payer.

Allotments are rented on a yearly basis. Rent is due on 1 October each year. If you take on a plot after 1 April, you will receive a 50% discount. There is a late payment fee of £10 if your rent is not paid by 9 November.

If you are an OAP a reduced rate is offered. Additional fee for tool lockers remains at £1.00



Payable 1 Oct 2021


Full 51.25

Over 65* 27.13


Full 63.31

Over 65* 33.16


Full 93.46

Over 65* 48.24


Full 113.56

Over 65* 58.29

Produce Show

Starting with the thank-yous. Big thanks to everyone who:

  • Got the pavilion ready

  • Made and sold cakes, teas and coffee

  • Set out and looked after stalls;

  • staffed the Bar;

  • produced and circulated all the pre-event publicity and promotion.

  • helped set up the Marquee.

  • And of course all those who brought and set out what they had grown and made. From a single plate of Garlic Crowns , to a metre wide collection representing all facets of their plot.

Particular thanks to Oscar and Ever So Personal of Stirchley for the medallions - to my mind a piece of genius, and to my Carole Webb who shared the judging. And Oscar again for the great pics (see below).

There were 30 distinct entries, from individuals, couples and families. In hindsight we probably didn't make the best use of the space available. Some displays were crowded together, leaving large empty spaces. I hope and trust for a fuller tent in 2022. May time and weather be with you.

Sadly for the judges there were only 2 cakes for us to taste. Both were delicious and received their due honours. Both the fantasy animals, part of multi age family displays, received awards. Those who went round the displays in the afternoon, will have noticed that alongside assessing whole displays, the judges picked out items within a display for special notice. As an example a vase of Sweet-Peas in a mixed group of flowers. More of this next year please - make the judges job harder!

Staging the show the way we did was an experiment. Your committee would appreciate feedback. Both pro and anti and preferably constructive. We always want to do better. Beside the produce on show, I got the impression that many plotholders, social members and guests had a good day. Oz

Film Night

With a very successful Produce Show behind us and the growing season winding down, we have been kicking around ideas of ways to all keep in touch during the ‘darker months’. One of these is to make use of the new HD projector and speakers we have invested in and have a (probably) once a month Classic Film Night, along with a connected but fairly simple (given the facilities) food offering! So far some of the films put forward are: Blazing Saddles (with beans of course!) Blues Brothers (Burgers and Dogs) Life of Brian The Godfather (Spag Bol and garlic bread) Star Wars It’s a Wonderful life (at Christmas!) Grow Your Own (About allotmenters!) Shawshank Redemption (Porridge!) If you are interested please respond through the website, feel free to make suggestions for both film and food to accompany. It is likely that Film Night will be on a Thursday as the pavilion is not normally in use that night. Obviously it is subject to demand! Will


There has been very little demand for the Seedstore over the summer but

· That’s not unusual and in fact it's unusual for the Seedstore to be open before September

· Theres not much stock in the Seedstore to attract business – though ground cover and canes have done well

So we’re rethinking how to run it properly post-Lockdown so that its regularly restocked, easily accessed by plotholders and above all managed by someone specific. Any ideas or volunteers very welcome. Expect a further update next month and in the meantime if you do need access just email We will have have some elephant garlic in stock next weekend. Just email or ask at the bar. David

Christmas Fayre and other Events

This year the Christmas Fayre will take place on either 28th Nov or 5th December (Sunday) and we're taking deposits for stalls now . Email either Max at or Maureen at if you're interested. They will cost £18 for non members and £15 for members, £10 deposit to secure a stall. Any help with organising the Christmas Fayre would be most welcome. We need tombola prizes, again to me and Maureen any time or leave them with bar staff.

We're also having a Halloween on 30th October, Dougie will be making pumpkin soup!

We're also aiming to have a Children's Christmas party - date to be agreed - if we can get someone to organise!

Finally Master-classes have been relaunched under the title ‘Closing the Knowledge Gap’. The

proposed dates are Sept25th, Oct23rd & Nov20th and they will all take place in the clubhouse. Meetings start with informal conversation at 10.00am. Max

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