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October at Moor Green Allotments - Newsletter

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

Well it's the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness readers and we hope you're enjoying it

Much of the harvesting - and weeding- seems to be over so you can spend a bit more time thinking up those big plans for next year, or starting the winter projects - shed? pond? polytunnel? more/better compost bins? no-dig cardboard and mulch? Massive pergola - see below? Or you can just admire the view in the loveliest place on earth (there may be a bit of bias there). What about the trees?

Look at this beauty by the Clubhouse...

And what about the apples this year!

And the boundary with Cannon Hill Park is spectacular..

And if you stay until the moon comes up (thanks to Phil Barlow for taking this pic) you get all the peace of the place to yourself

So count your blessings as you head out through the main gate (and don't forget to lock it!)

Rent Collection

Thanks to all of you who have come to the Clubhouse and paid your rent aver the last two weekends. It's been great to meet you all, answer your questions on the annual rent rise (not our fault, guv, we blame the Council), grapple with high-tech equipment like the card reader and get a general update on what's going on across the site. There is ONE more rent collection session planned - on Sunday 23rd October 12.00 - 3.00. Please make every effort to pay on that day - by card or cheque if possible. Remember there's a £10 Birmingham City Council fine if you don't pay before the end of October. If you really can't make it send a message via this Newsletter and we will try to sort an alternative arrangement.

Here's a big winter project!

Regular readers will probably have noticed that we report on roofs quite alot, but this is a new roof. Or maybe a pergola. It's certainly going to be a big asset - providing cover for the barbecue, pizza oven, prepping (I watch Masterchef) facilities and basically giving us an outdoor kitchen. Many thanks to Oscar and Jonathan (seen here) and their many pals for putting this up - it's going to be a beauty. Incidentally for the DIYers among you I asked how much one of those support timbers would cost. Oscar said "Don't ask". The materials have all been financed through pizza sales and the labour supplied entirely free by volunteers. Hats off to them all.

Halloween Party! Date for your Diary!

Saturday 29th October . The fun starts at 1.00. - there are rumours of apple pressing in the afternoon so bring your windfalls! Or just put on your fright face and come and join us for a sensational and seasonal spooky afternoon and evening. We've a live band ( the Frenzies) , soup and prizes for best costumes.

Winter Fayre - Another Date for your diary!

Dont miss this Winter Fayre which is on Sunday 4th December - one year and one week exactly since the last Winter Fayre which you will recall had to be cancelled after Storm Arwen. With our new roof we expect this to be a great day - starting at midday and running till late. There will be food, craft stalls full of Christmas present lifesavers for desperate blokes (I could say all blokes but of course that would be sexist), music big Jazz and more. The bar will be open throughout. We're hoping also to get a councillor to formally open the roof - not literally of course; we had enough of that a year ago. Watch the events page on the website and Facebook Madahal for more details. If you're interested in having a stall at a bargain price please contact Max on

And watch this space for news of the New Years Eve Party - theme to be announced!

Master Classes

We don't run the master classes November through to March - the weather's too unpredictabke and much of the action takes place outside. But here's some advice from Oz on preparing for Winter. This is basically an edit of an article in the October edition of ‘The


Now is a good time to prepare vegetable beds to be ready for next

spring’s sowing and planting.

Done now, while the soil is still warm, will give maximum benefit.

Firstly clear any remains from harvesting and small weeds, either to

compost heap, burning, or off site into green recycling bin. If

necessary dig out deep rooted perennials.

It is probably too late to sow green manures. These are the best

winter protection but the weather will have become too cold for

growth before they have fully covered the ground. Next best is to

spread a thick layer (10cm./4in.) of compost or soil improver covered

with a weed suppressing fabric. Or cardboard covered with as

similar depth of compost. Incidentally this choice would be the first

stage of Charles Dowdings ‘no dig method’ on virgin ground.

The fabrics listed in the article are:

Biodegradable films. Naturally break down in 2-4 months. Are

vulnerable to wind damage.

Weed Fabric Rolls ( Degradable natural materials) Stronger and if

carefully stored can last 2 or more years. I have not seen these at

garden centres. They are available on line, but please read

description carefully. Some listed as biodegradable include plastic


Plastic Weed Fabrics. Have the environmental costs of plastic, but a

can be very long lasting of looked after.

All the above allow air exchange and rain into the soil and will need

to be pegged or weighted down.

Good Growing. Oz

And Lock the Gate!

Except at weekends after midday

  1. Dont forget to lock the gate

  2. Please lock the gate

  3. Coming in and going out - remember to lock the gate

  4. Even if you're "only going to be five minutes"

  5. If it's open don't assume its OK for it to stay open, just lock it

Seriously there's a concern about the safety of individual,often solitary plotholders, there's a risk of theft, there's a risk of vandalism and still the gates are regularly left open. The more people lock it, the fewer people think it's OK to leave it open. And thanks...

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Oct 20, 2022

What is the date for the Winter Fayre?

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