Meet Your Committee - Elected February 2020

Updated: May 30

Following the call for, and carrying out of an Extraordinary General Meeting, a new committee was elected by democratic means. Scroll down to meet the newly elected!

The Committee is led by the Chairman, and three other Executive Committee Members. The remaining eleven Committee Members are all cross functional, and everyone has their own areas of expertise.

  • Chairman - Jonathan

  • Treasurer - Sue

  • Site Manager - Paul

  • Deputy Site Manager - Dani

  • Site Secretary - Oz

  • Site Maintenance - Steve

  • Pavilion Manager - Maxine

  • Security and Projects - Will

  • Bar Manager - Mark

  • Bookkeeper - Ann

  • Committee Secretary - Oscar

  • Advisory Member - Carol

  • Advisory Member - David

  • Advisory Member - Dermott

  • Advisory Member- Andries


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