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June 2022 Newsletter

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

Firstly some reminders: As you can see... the early June Jubilee Celebrations were a great success enjoyed by all. Wood fired pizza and great beer - including a Limited Edition Raspberry IPA from Glasshouse. Plus, a very Limited Edition Royal Crown Manscape from our very own Jim! Not to mention those Herculean calves.

- AGM 2nd July - 12:00 - Open to Plot holders + Social Members. Bar open and Pizza for all - raising money for an al fresco cooking area surrounding the existing barbecue.

- Plot Inspections END of JUNE. Time to get on top of those weeds, and get your plot looking tip top.

- We have assembled a fantastic Bar Volunteer - great thanks for Alan & Co. However we're always on the look out for volunteers of all kinds. If you'd like to offer your help with anything at all, please do get in touch - maybe at the AGM?

- Roof - we are still pressing the Council, and making progress...though at Council speed, unfortunately.

- Allotment Rules Reminder - Read On!

Your committee secretary who normally edits the Newsletter is on a fortnight’s holiday at the moment. Which he considers the ideal opportunity to get this lot off his chest.

Rules is Rules

Your heroic committee of volunteers (have we mentioned them before?) backed by the zone reps – also all volunteers – adopt a common sense and highly pragmatic approach to enforcing the Council rules*. Partly because some of the rules are flawed or outdated and partly because we prefer cultivating our own plots to arguing with other plot holders. But in the final analysis we are all required to observe the rules or risk eviction. So please do, and save us all some time.

More importantly please think about your neighbours while you’re here on site and don’t do the following

  1. Park on the roadways. Everyone parks on the road next to their plot occasionally to drop off or pick up heavy stuff. Or because of a disability. And everyone else understands and accepts it. But some plot holders leave vehicles in the road for hours and expect others to ask them to move. Why should they?

  2. Speeding on site. Just Don’t. You’re here to relax. – what’s the rush? There are small children and very slow and deaf older people (myseif included) on site. And you’re risking your suspension. Many sections of the road are in a poor state.

  3. Smoke. The new bonfires only in March has gone down a storm across all the sites in the city. But to be fair most plot holders are observing the new rule. The chief source of complaints is from local residents about smoke in the summer. We’re assuming that this is smoke from barbecues. Good barbecues scarcely create any smoke once they’re started so can you all please make it a point of honour that you fire up your barbie as quickly as possible.

  4. Noise. These are leisure gardens and its lovely to see whole families camping on their plots for the day in the summer, cooking eating and talking together. But It’s good to be courteous and thoughtful and ensure you’re not disturbing your neighbours. Just ask – or invite them across.

And all night parties are not allowed. Under any circumstances. Even if there’s nothing in the Council Rules that explicitly says you can’t. This is a Moor Green Allotments Rule: the Council will rule likewise eventually.

*(copies available at

Please read them. Your tenancy agreement says that you have!

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