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November at Moor Green - Newsletter

What happened to the frost?

In other parts of the world islands are sinking under the sea, icecaps are disappearing, ground is giving way as permafrost melts, floods are destroying whole cities, and wildfires are laying waste to forests and moorland. It seems almost tasteless to mention the impact of global warming on Moor Green. It is mild though isn't it? Potato shoots seem to be reappearing on last year's spud patch, bees are still using up energy hunting for non-existent nectar (they forage when the temperature is above 10 degrees). Frogs are croaking - do they think it's Spring? And of course everyone (except me - where did October go?) has put their plots to bed for the Winter; hoicked up all the dead beans; bagged up their potatoes; cleared the tomatoes - what a good year! - from the polytunnel; dug their beds over (unless they're no-diggers of course); planted and fleeced their onions and garlic; stuck the aquadulce beans in for an early start.

So what will you do now? You need a WINTER PROJECT! Could be new compost bins, or a polytunnel or clearing some new ground or creating a raised bed. Or that life-changing project - the shed. That will keep you busy for a couple of months. Here are a few ideas from across the site. If you're thinking shed project, remember, it doesn't need to be big. Here's the Classic Small..

On the other hand, you could go for Half-shed, Half-cathedral model...

Or you can create the Timeless Shed which means it's always half past three on your plot...

Or go for the Big Ramshackle model...

If you're worried about climate change leading to a big rise in water levels, why not go for the Beach Hut?

Or you might prefer the Swiss Chalet (yodelling is forbidden on all Council allotment sites)..

The main thing is to remember that this is your project. That means you don't actually have to set a deadline for finishing. The Work In Progress Shed is one of the most popular on the site...

And what about grouping your sheds with fellow plotholders? Thanks to Phil Barlow for capturing this Symphony in Blue..

And finally there's the Micro-pub Shed. Imagine sitting with a beer outside this after a summer day's work...

And a word from our sponsors. If you're thinking of putting up a shed we went to some trouble to produce some guidance on what is and isn't permitted. Click on the link below for the file Or talk to Paul Rooney - he's on site most days and will happily give you a steer.

Winter Fair - Date for Your Diary!

Dont miss this - it will be great! We're looking for donations for the tombola (wine woud be good for example) Childrens Tombola (chocolate is always good) and Gifts for the raffle - let us know if you can help and thanks. And also if you would like to have a stall at the event. Or would be happy to volunteer baking cakes or serving at the stall. Just contact us at

Halloween Event

Well that was pretty good readers. Huge thanks to everyone who made the Halloween weekend of 30th October such a great success. The best costume competition, live music, apple pressing and cake stall all went down a storm and the clubhouse looked fantastic!

Pete Hopkins

It's with great regret that we have to report the death of Pete Hopkins - an institution on this site who sadly passed away recently. Even plotholders who don't know him will recognise his plot by the unique raised bed which earned him the nickname Pirate Pete. Our condolences to Heidi and his friends. The funeral is on Mon 28 Nov 2.30pm at Sandwell Crematorium, Newton Road, West Brom B71 3SX. The Clubhouse will be open from 3:30.


We have very sadly (for us) to report that Maxine Smith (Max to all who know her) is standing down as chair in the New Year. Max has provided strong leadership to the committee and Association during a really hard three years which included Covid, the loss of a clubhouse roof, major problems with site security, relationships with the Council and changes in executive roles. Much of our success in tackling these issues is down to her - and on top of that she has led on most of the very successful fundraising events held at the Clubhouse since lockdown - and for years before lockdown. A new chair will be agreed by the Committee in January to see us through to the AGM in June.


A special word of thanks and best wishes to Maureen Westwood our Treasurer who has carried on working through the busy rent collection period despite her husband being in hospital for the whole period. We wish them both the very best for the future.

Zone reps meeting - 10th November

What a great meeting that was - with ten zone reps turning up for a free-flowing discussion on how we could run the whole site more effectively. We now have some ideas as to how to improve a whole range of the routine but really important things that mostly fall to the site manager to sort out like

  • organising rent collection

  • letting vacant plots (and clearing them so that they're actually lettable)

  • letting official visitors in and out

  • tackling security issues especially re the boundary fence and gates

  • keeping plotholders informed of developments - like the warnings on Avian Flu

  • maintaining our position as the go-to film location for any TV programme involving allotments (thanks Paul - nice little earner!)

We've also agreed to meet more often so that we can share these tasks better - and big thanks to those zone reps who volunteered to do a little more to make this site run well. See you in Spring!


Sincere apologies to the plotholder whose apple tree featured in the first version of the October Newsletter without prior permission. The picture has been removed.

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5 commentaires

Baz W.
Baz W.
15 nov. 2022

What islands have disappeared under the sea, Google is not helping, the same goes for Cities destroyed by flooding?


Thanks for the newsletter and thanks to all the committee for the hard work you do. Much appreciated!

Moor Green
Moor Green
15 nov. 2022
En réponse à

Many thanks. We appreciate you taking the time to thank us!😀


Jon Hiller
Jon Hiller
15 nov. 2022

Thanks David, another brilliant newsletter.

Moor Green
Moor Green
15 nov. 2022
En réponse à

Thanks Jon!

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