We need your ideas!

Over the years, the allotment has had a number of logos, but we feel it's time to really put our heads together and freshen things up.

We're asking that you pull out your pencils, or get 'Photoshopping', and submit either your ideas or a complete logo via email to:


We're leaving things very open at this point, but if you do have queries, feel free to submit them via the website chat box or the email address above. Moor Green Allotments has an incredible history - check out the 'History of Moor Green Allotments' in the 'About' section. Perhaps you'll find some inspiration!

The chosen logo, or combination of logos, will feature on the website, instagram, facebook, newsletter, and everywhere else you might see a brilliant logo!


Submission Updates!

Anonymous Submission - This logo uses an element of Birmingham's famous Coat of Arms. The raised fist normally clenches a hammer, to signify the hardworking spirit of the 'Brummy', but has been replaced with a trowel in this logo submission. We love it!